Violeta Tomic

Tomic was elected lead candidate for the European United Left as she is a “representative of an Eastern European Party from a country that has come through a difficult time of transformation”. As representative for the Left, Tomic aims to fully change the dynamics of the European Union by creating an alternative economic and social policy. As one of the smaller groups in the European Parliament, the European United Left is only expected to wield significant influence on the next European Commission President if they form a leftist block together with the S&D.

In 2014 Tomic went into national politics, serving as Deputy of the Slovenian National Assembly – a position that she currently still holds. In this capacity, she is also a member of Slovenia’s Parliamentary Assembly to the Council of Europe where she is General Rapporteur for LGBT.

A former actress and TV presenter, Violeta Tomic is a new face to the European institutions, not having served in a public EU function before. Tomic graduated in 1985 with a degree in Stage Acting and Art of Speech from the University of Ljubljana’s. Whilst working in a diversity of capacities as actress and TV presenter, Tomic joined the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists in 2007 to represent the self-employed.

Key policy priorities:

  1. Austerity: Bringing austerity policies to an end

  2. Employment: Stronger EU focus on employment – which according to Tomic should also be the ECB’s first objective. Tomic aims to improve workers’ rights and establish a cross-European minimum wage.

  3. Economy: A reformed, social economy that abolishes highly polluting industries and instead consists of green jobs and companies. Tomic does not believe that this is possible in liberal capitalism. To finance this transformation, Tomic believes a wealth tax should be imposed on the superrich.

  4. Railway: Tomic is in favour of building a cross-European railway.