Nico Cué

As lead candidate for the European United Left, Nico Cué is conducting his first political campaign, not having held public office before. Cué, a Spanish national, spent most of his life in Belgium, where his family sought refuge when he was six years old, as opponents of Franco’s regime. In his later life, he became a leading figure for the Belgian trade industry for steelworkers.

Cué started his career in 1976, when he worked at the National Factory Herstal (FNH) a leading firearms manufacturer in Belgium. Through his career with FNH he later became representative of the Belgian steelworker confederation FGTB Federal. In 1997, Cué was elected General Secretary of FGBT. Cué stayed in this role until 2006, when participated in creating the Steelworkers of Wallonia and Brussels of the FGTB (MWB) and subsequently worked as General Secretary of the MWB FGBT until his pre-pension in 2019. His work in trade unions contributed to his election as lead candidate, with his party describing him as “a fighting voice for workers and unions” and “one of the most important trade unionists in Belgium and Europe”.

Key policy priorities:

  1. Employment: Better protection of workers across the EU and strengthening of workers’ rights. Cué is in favour of a cross-European minimum wage, which should reflect the different costs of life in Europe.

  2. Social Europe: The establishment of European norms on unemployment benefits, with better access to health care and education.

  3. Environmental sustainability in social responsibility: To protect the future generation, sustainability is key. An important factor in the European United Left’s position on sustainability is investment into new technologies.