Manfred Weber

The 46-year-old Bavarian has been an MEP since 2004 and the leader of the centre-right EPP since 2014. Known as a pragmatist, Weber has sought to promote a moderate Christian-social line within the EPP while keeping hard right parties like Viktor Orban’s Fidesz within the tent. Despite not having held a top national political role, his strong support within centre-right groups across the EU27 meant he easily disposed of Alexander Stubb, the other EPP nominee for the Commission Presidency. As the official candidate for the group expected to take the largest number of seats in the Parliament, Weber is the clear frontrunner for the Commission Presidency.  

Key policy priorities:

  1. Security: Protection of EU borders through 10,000 new Frontex officers and increased anti-terror cooperation

  2. Innovation: Encouraging an Innovation Union to meet the challenges of the digital age and boost the EU’s joint research strength

  3. Prosperity: New free trade deals, a strengthened Single Market and an ambitious Cohesion Policy

  4. Identity: Opposition to Turkey joining the EU