Bas Eickhout

An expert in Chemistry and Environmental Science, 42-year-old Bas Eickhout has represented the Dutch Greens in the European Parliament since 2009. He is the leader of the Dutch delegation to the European Parliament and Vice-President of the group of the Greens. Prior to becoming active in politics, Eickhout worked for the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health and Environment. During this time, he co-authored the IPCC report on climate change which received the 2007 Nobel Peace Price. Eickhout has not held public office before. With the Greens expected to win just over 40 seats in the European Parliament, Keller and Eickhout’s chances of winning the coveted Commission Presidency are nil but the future President may well seek to adopt key parts of their manifesto in search of support.

Key policy priorities:

  1. Fighting climate change by phasing out coal by 2030, ending fuel and nuclear subsidies, promoting energy efficiency and moving to 100% renewables. Measures include an EU carbon budget and a strong carbon floor price. The Greens also support increased taxation of flights to encourage train travel in Europe.

  2. A Green New Deal comprising an independent EU authority to supervise the digital sector with a view to limiting the market power of multinationals, a common sustainable industrial policy and measures to ‘green’ manufacturing and finance.

  3. Comprehensive tax reform including a digital tax in Europe and encouraging higher taxation of multinational businesses and wealthy individuals.

  4. Guaranteeing decent minimum incomes via a minimum income directive.

  5. Upholding the rule of law through a binding and comprehensive mechanism to regularly monitor the state of democracy in Member States and denying EU funds to national governments that break European rules. 

  6. The creation of European common standards and common rules for labour mobility and migration. 

  7. An environmental action programme including a ban or taxes on non-recyclable plastics and increasing recycling targets.